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 Add this item to the list  Sarcodon scabripes (Peck) Banker.
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Remarks (internal):No fresh collections were made during the study and data could not be obtained for associated tree species. Coker and Beers (1951) stated, however, that this species can be found under conifer and mixed woods.
Only one collection of this species was seen from the southern Appahachian Mountains. Therefore, the above description way not fully represent the species throughout the range.
Sarcodon excentricus is one species that way be confused with S. scabripes. A review of their differences can be found in the Discussion section of S. excentricus. Also, the olive green colored context of dry basidiocarps of the S. scabripes way cause some confusion with sporophores of S. atroviridis.
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Sarcodon scabripes (Peck) Banker.
Sporophore single. Pileus up to 5.0 cm broad, convex to plane, pubescent to smooth, strongly incurved margin, grayish orange (5B4) to golden blonde (5C4) or dark blonde (5D4); context up to 5.0 mm thick, not duplex, azonate, putty (4B2) to sunburn (6D5) nearest the stipe; taste none; odor none. Stipe up to 4.0 x 2.0 cm, eccentric, terete to attenuate above with a bulbous base, scabrous from abortive spines to smooth, glabrous, concolorous with the pileus; context not duplex, azonate, concolorous with pileus flesh to putty (7B2) or sunburn (6D5) that forms in dried material. Spines are up to 2.0 mm long, highly decurrent, crowded, grayish orange (5B3). Chemical reactions: context tissue olive green in KOH or NH4OH. Pileus trama hyphae up to 12.5 :m diam, inflated, interwoven throughout the context, clamped; gloeoplerous-like hyphae up to 12.5 :m diam. Stipe hyphae up to 10.5 :m diam, inflated, interwoven throughout the context, clamped; gloeoplerous-like hyphae absent. Spine trama hyphae up to 6.0 :m diam, uninflated to inflated, clamped. Basidia 36.0-58.0 x (7.5) 8.5-11.0 (13.0) :m (X= 44.35"5.31 x 9.96 "1.25 :m), clavate, clamped, 4-spored; sterigmata (4.0) 4.8-6.0 :m long (X=5.13"0.44 :m). Basidiospores (7.5 8.0-9.0 x 6.3-7.8 :m (X= 8.21"0.35 x 7.0"0.44 :m), subglobose, brownish; ornamentation tuberculate, prominent, flattened to exculpate; hilar appendage oblique. Terphenylquinones: Thelephoric acid.
Distribution: rare in the southern Appalachian Mountains, but is common in the northeastern and western United States.
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