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Description type:Original description 
Description:Fossil fungal endophyte in small calamite roots; heavily infected roots with large parts of outer cortex containing fungus; infection represented by mycelium of anastomosing hyphae extending through apoplast of host tissue and giving off intracellular hyphae that enter cell lumen from outer periclinal and anticlinal walls; inner periclinal walls of host cells consistently devoid of penetrating hyphae; hyphae sharply tapering or with acuminate tip, unbranched or producing (stunted) lateral branches at ~90° angle; mildly infected roots with individual cells or small groups of adjacent cells containing fungus; hyphae usually entering host cell lumen from periclinal cell walls, extending across cell lumen into adjacent cells; hyphae usually unbranched, tapering or with rounded tip; host response in the form of callosities present but infrequent. 
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