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Remarks (public):The morphological study of the 24 clinical isolates and numerous type and reference strains of Phialemonium, Lecythophora and other related taxa, allowed us to describe Phialemoniopsis as a new genus (see the phylogenetic analyses) 
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Description:Phialemoniopsis H. Perdomo, D. García, Gené, Cano & Guarro, gen. nov.
MycoBank MB563874
Colonies growing moderately with aerial mycelium sparse or lacking, brown or grayish. Vegetative hyphae hyaline to brown, smooth- to rough-walled. Sporulation from conidiophores solitary, borne on undifferentiated hyphae from the aerial mycelium or grouped into sporodochium-like or pycnidium-like conidiomata growing on the agar surface. Conidiogenesis enteroblastic. Conidiophores simple or slightly branched, hyaline or pale brown. Conidiogenous cells monophialidic, discrete, terminal or lateral, cylindrical to flask-shaped, straight to slightly flexuose, or intercalary with a cylindrical lateral projection (adelophialides), with collarettes, hyaline, subhyaline or brown with age. Sporodochium-like conidiomata superficial, solitary, applanate, pulvinate or cupulate, subhyaline to dark brown. Pycnidium-like conidiomata superficial or semi-immersed, solitary or aggregated, uni- or multilocular, globose, subglobose, ellipsoidal or pyriform, surrounded by a thin wall of several layers; wall of textura intricata or textura epidermoidea or both, with an irregular dehiscence (lacking apical preformed opening or ostiole), often appearing cupulate when mature. Setae usually present, forming a frill at the margin of open conidiomata or interspersed with conidiophores, simple or slightly branched, septate, straight to slight flexuose, hyaline, subhyaline to brown. Conidia one-celled, ellipsoidal, allantoid to obovoid, and slightly apiculate at the base, hyaline to subhyaline, smooth-walled, aggregated in slimy heads. Chlamydospores sometimes present. Teleomorph unknown.
Type species: Phialemoniopsis ocularis (Gené & Guarro) H. Perdomo, D. García, Gené, Cano & Guarro.
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