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Remarks (public):Sarcodontia is characterized by the longly aculeate hymenophore, the thick-walled subicular hyphae, and the smooth thick-walled basidiospores. Phylogenetically it seems to belong to the Meruliceaceae (Larsson 2007b). 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Sarcodontia Schulzer, in Schulzer von Müggenburg et al., Verh. zool.-bot. Ges. Wien 16: 41, 1866.
Type species: Sarcodontia mali Schulzer, in Schulzer, Kanitz & Knapp, Verh. zool.-bot. Ges. Wien 16(Abh.): 41, 1866 (=Sarcodontia crocea (Schwein.) Kotl., ?eská Mykol. 7: 117, 1953).
Basidiome resupinate, effused, ceraceous, hymenophore hydnoid with long aculei. Hyphal system monomitic (pseudodimitic), all hyphae with clamps, subicular hyphae thick-walled. Cystidia absent. Basidia clavate, with 4-sterigmata and a basal clamp. Basidiospores ellipsoid to subglobose, smooth, thick-walled, IKI-, acyanophilous.
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