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Description:In our molecular analyses, the genus Malmidea was shown to have an isolated position within Lecanorales. Although Pilocarpaceae were sister in the combined data set, the genus is quite distinct in the DNA sequences from Pilocarpaceae. In combination with the morphological characters, discussed in the following, we consider these differences as sufficient to recognize the genus in a separate family. Characters that distinguish Malmideaceae from Pilocarpaceae include the thallus organization and the ascus structure. The thallus of most species of Malmidea is composed of goniocysts which is a rare character in Pilocarpaceae, only present in Calopadiopsis and Pseudocalopadia (Lücking 2008). Although the ascus is similar to that found in the genera of Pilocarpaceae, i.e. a tholus staining light blue with Lugol's solution, there is no tubular structure to observe. 
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