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 Add this item to the list  Russula Pers. 1796
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Description:Russula Pers. 1796
Observ.mycol. 1:100.
Type species: Russula emetica (Schaeff.: Fr.) S.F. Gray
Basidioma medium to large, fleshy and brittle, often vividly coloured, terrestrial, generally mycorrhizal. Pileus convex, expanding, often finally depressed, pigment variable, yellow, red, green, brown, black or unpigmented, smooth to tomentose, viscid to dry; pileal surface varied, often with an epicutis, subcutis and hypodermiallayers, pileocystidia and encrusted hyphae often present. Lamellae free to broadly adnate, occasionally subdecurrent, rather brittle, equal or with inter­mixed lamellulae, distant to crowded, thick to moderately thin, white to egg yellow. Stipe central, brittle, solid, hollow or stuffed, generally short and stout. VEIL mostly absent, very rarely with a persistent annulus. Context fleshy, brittle, sometimes discolouring on exposure to air, lacking laticiferous hyphae, heteromerous with nests of sphaerocysts. Taste mild or acrid. Basidiospores from pure white to deep chrome or pinkish cream in mass, subglobose, obovoid or ellipsoid, hyaline, ornamented with eusporial verrucae and often with a more or less complete reticulum, coated with an amyloid myxosporium, with a more or less distinct amyloid suprahilar plage. Cheilocystidia and pleurocystidia often present. Pseudocystidia and/or macrocystidia often present. Hymenophoral trama intermixed with nests of sphae­rocysts. Clamp connections absent. (Pegler, 1977: 572.)
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