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Description:CCryptolepiota americana (Kropp & Hutchison) Kropp & Trappe, comb. nov. Figs. 3a, b, 4
Mycobank MB511132
= Gigasperma americanum Kropp & Hutchison, Mycologia 88: 662-665. 1996. Basionym.
Basidiomata 6-30 x 4-21 mm, subglobose to ovoid, hypogeous, fragile; both gleba and peridium negative with KOH and FeSO4. Peridium white, thin, finely felt-like with soil particles adhering and embedded, 195-255 µm thick, consisting of interwoven hyphae 2.5-10 µm wide, small clamps common, some hyphae of the outer layer slightly encrusted, gradually grading into trama tissue. Gleba loosely labyrinthiform with plate-like layers of fertile tissue, gray when fresh becoming pale brown when dried; trama plates 66-129 µm wide, of irregularly shaped pseudoparenchymatous cells 8- 21 µm wide. Basidiospores 14-(18.2)-20314-(17.1)-19.5 µm, Q 5 1.06, globose, spore wall 2.5-4.5 µm thick, metachromatic, many spores with a distinct dextrinoid reaction. Basidia 29- 32 x 10-11.5 µm, broadly clavate with single, distinctive, thick, refractive sterigmata 4-7 x 2 µm. Cystidia 27-29 x 10 µm, hyaline, thin-walled, mucronate, not abundant.
Specimens examined: USA. UTAH: Cache County. Near Beaver Mountain Ski Area, under Cercocarpus ledifolius, 20 May 1995, B.R. Kropp & L.J. Hutchison (UTCF-00579, holotype); Cache County near Beaver Mountain Ski Area, under Cercocarpus ledifolius, 21 May 1995, B.R. Kropp & L.J. Hutchison (MICH 00009544, paratype); Summit County. Winter sports area near Park City, under Cercocarpus ledifolius and Quercus gambellii, 3 Jun 1998, B.R. Kropp (UTC00247364).

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