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Description type:Original description 
Description:Thallus olive-green to olive-yellow, smooth to uneven, with dense, prosoplectenchymatous cortex; photobiont layer lacking clusters of calcium oxalate crystals. Apothecia erumpent to prominent, rounded, for a long time closed and appearing perithecioid, dark red, the cortex of the covering thallus layer first rupturing to expose the dark red medulla, the remaining thallus layer then rupturing into triangular teeth that remain involute, partially exposing the brown-black disc surface; margin remaining entire on the outside, forming a rim around the disc, dark red. Columella absent. Excipulum composed of large, thick-walled, rounded cells, for a long time uncarbonized but covering thallus lobes becoming apically carbonized in mature apothecia; periphysoids absent. Paraphyses unbranched. Ascospores (only few seen) presumably 8/ascus, 3-septate, ellipsoid, with thick septa and diamond-shaped lumina (Astrothelium-like), colorless, I– (non-amyloid). Secondary chemistry: no substances except medulla of apothecial margin with dark red isohypocrellin. 
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