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Description:Foliicolous, associated with leaf spots. Caespituli amphigenous, subepidermal, arising from subepidermal, globular fruiting bodies (immature structures with undefined white contents); wall of 2–3 layers of textura angularis, bursting through epidermis, forming grey sporodochia with densely aggregated conidiophores. Conidiophores subcylindrical to ampulliform, brown, finely verruculose, aggregated, 0–2-septate. Conidiogenous cells terminal, brown, finely verruculose, ampulliform, tapering to a truncate apex, proliferating several times percurrently at apex (proliferations irregular, rough). Conidia solitary, brown, finely verruculose, guttulate, subcylindrical to narrowly obclavate, straight to mildly curved, apex subobtuse, base truncate with marginal frill, transversely septate; hila and scars not thickened, nor darkened or refractive. 
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