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Description:Trametes conchifer (Schw.) Pilát
Atlas Champ. Eur. 3 (1939) 264; Cunningham (1965) 162: Gilbertson and Ryvarden (1987) 737.
Polyporus conchifer (Schw.) Fr., Overholts (1953) 350.
The following are my notes on two Japanese collections. Fruit-body white, shortly pleuropodal. Pileus -20 mm in radius. Tubes -3 mm long; pores 170-250 µm wide, angular becoming irpicoid, dissepiments 50-90 urn thick. Spores 4.5-6 x (1.8-)2-2.3 µm, white, smooth, cylindric, aguttate, inamyloid; 5-7 x 1.5-2.5 urn (Overholts). Basidia 11-15 x 5 µm. Cystidia none. Hyphal pegs sparse or, apparently, none. Hyphae trimitic as in Tr. xanthopus but not dextrinoid; skeletals 3.5-5 µm wide, swelling 5-9 µm in potash, walls -1.5 µm thick, the middle wall swelling to give a linear lumen in potash; binding hyphae 2-3 urn wide, lax to intricate, not coralloid; generative hyphae clamped; dissepiments trimitic. Surface of pileus with a larger c. 100 µm thick composed of densely interwoven hyphae, some hyphal ends projecting loosely and irregularly -50 µm, no crust.
Collections: Japan, Hokkaido, pr. Sapporo, Shikotsu-ko, Corner s.n. 14 Sept. 1966; Yamabe, Corner s.n. 18 Sept. 1966; det. K. Aoshima.
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