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Description:Macromorphology– Pileus 4-15 mm diameter; convex; umbilicate; surface glabrous, at times weakly fibrillose; color orange (oac 679); margin striate, scalloped. Lamellae, emarginate, broad, distant, with multiple series of lamellulae; color lighter orange than pileus (oac 652). Stipe 30-45 x 1-3 mm, terete, cylindrical, hollow; surface fibrillose-striate; base color orange-pink (oac 681) with some brown streaks (oac 657, 664), transitioning to grey purple (oac 604-605), then to light pink (oac 577) at base. Micromorphology– Basidiospores globose to obellipsoid; [60/3] 7.0-10.0 x 7.0-10.0 (-11.5) µm (–x = 8.3-8.4 x 8.9-9.2 µm) (without ornamentation), Q = 0.78-1.06 (–Q = 0.91-0.94); strongly echinate, spines [58/3] 2.0-6.0 x 1-2 µm (–x length= 3.1-4.3 µm); with acute hylar appendage. Basidia clavate, [10/2] 40-56 X 10-14 µm, clamped, 4-spored; sterigmata [10/2] 6-10 µm. Lamellar trama parallel to interwoven, hyphae cylindrical, 3.5-10.0 µm in diameter, clamped. Pileipellis a cutis; hyphae cylindrical, 3-10 µm in diameter, interwoven, repent, bifurcating, clamped; hyphae aggregating into scattered clusters of agglutinated fascicles. Stipitipellis consisting of cylindrical hyphae, 4-10 µm in diameter, clamped. Habitat and distribution ¬– Growing scattered on sandy banks in mixed temperate alpine forest.  
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