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Description:Differing from Chapsa s.str. in the usually brown excipulum and the almost exclusively distoseptate, amyloid ascospores. Thallus usually with loose cortex or ecorticate, very rarely with dense cortex. Apothecia erumpent, rounded to irregular in outline; disc exposed; margin usually fissured to lobulate, rarely recurved. Excipulum usually brown. Ascospores septate to muriform, fusiform-ellipsoid to oblong-cylindrical, mostly with thickened septa and lens-shaped to rounded lumina (distoseptate), colorless or very rarely brown, almost exclusively I+ violet-blue (amyloid). Secondary chemistry: no substances or frequently stictic acid and relatives; apothecial disc rarely pigmented. Etymology: Derived from “pseudo” (Greek, false) and the genus name Chapsa.  
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