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Remarks (internal):Montanelia is characterized by having short, narrow lobes with plane to convex margins, a non-pored epicortex, flat, effigurate pseudocyphellae on upper surface, cylindrical to fusiform conidia, and a medulla containing orcinol depsides. The genus as it is now circumscribed includes five species, which grow on rocks in montane regions of the northern Hemisphere and north into the Arctic. Only a single species (M. panniformis) is reported from two localities in the southern Hemisphere, the mountains of Venezuela and central Chile (Esslinger, 1977). 
Description type:Latin diagnosis 
Description:Diagnosis—Thallus foliose, adpressed, lobes narrow, 0.4-3 mm wide, margins plane to convex, often with flat, effigurate, pseudocyphellae on upper surface, epicortex non-pored. Apothecia sessile to subpedicellate, apothecial margin pseudocyphellate, ascospores ellipsoid, thin-walled. Conidia cylindrical to fusiform. Medulla containing orcinol depsides. Almost strictly saxicolous (very rarely on old wood). 
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