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Description:Description—Thallus foliose, adpressed to sometimes pulvinate, loosely to moderately adnate. Lobes sublinear, short, narrow, 0.4-3 mm wide, periphery plane to convex, margins eciliate. Upper surface, tan brown to more commonly dark-brown to blackish, smooth to rugulose towards inner side, emaculate, often pseudocyphellate (absent only in M. sorediata, infrequent in M. panniformis). Pseudocyphellae flat, effigurate. Upper cortex covered by non-pored epicortex. Medulla white. Lower surface smooth to rugulose, black, dark brown at periphery, moderately rhizinate. Rhizines short, simple, concolorous with the lower surface. Ascomata apothecial, laminal, sessile to subpedicellate; discs imperforate, concave and becoming convex with age, brown, apothecial margin pseudocyphellate; hymenium 40-70 µm high. Asci Lecanora-type, 8-spored. Ascospores simple, colourless, mostly ellipsoid, rarely ovoid, 8-12 x 4-7 µm; spore wall thin (upto 1 µm thick). Conidiomata pycnidial, immersed, laminal. Conidia cylindrical to fusiform, 4-7.5 x 1 µm long. Chemistry—Medulla containing orcinol depsides (perlatolic, stenosporic, or gyrophoric acids). 
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