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Description:Uromyces veratri (DC.) J. Schröt., Jber. schles. Ges. vaterl. Kultur 49: 10 (1871)
Uredinia hypophyllous, rounded, scattered, chestnut brown. Urediniospores ellipsoid, 22-26 x 19-20 µm, wall 1-2 µm thick, pale brown, aculeate with 1-3 equatorial pores. Telia amphigenous, scattered, pulverulent, up to 2 mm long, covered by the epidermis, blackish brown. Teliospores ellipsoid, ovoid, oblong, 22-30 x 14-18 µm, at apex with a flat hyaline papilla, wall smooth, brown, ≤ 7 µm thick at apex, pedicel deciduous, brownish.
Known from Asia and Europe, U. veratri is a new rust species for Turkey.
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