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Remarks (internal):Patwardhan & Kulkarni (1977b) described the species from southern India (Kerala) in Ocellularia. Larger ascospores readily distinguish C. pseudoexanthismocarpa from C. indica. Other characters include the rough epiperidermal thallus, lepadinoid apothecia, and lacerate exciple. 
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Description:Chapsa pseudoexanthismocarpa (Patw. & C.R. Kulk.) Rivas Plata & Lücking, Lichenologist 42: 183, 2010.
The taxon is characterized by a pale yellowish to greenish brown or pale olive thallus lacking secondary compounds, apothecia that are rounded to somewhat irregular and sometimes perithecioid, erumpent, immerged to distinctly emergent, 4-8-spored asci, and hyaline transversely septate bacilliformfusiform ascospores.
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