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Description:Colony diameters after 7 d incubation at 25 °C on CYA (Fig. 5a) 80–85 (>85) mm, MEA (Fig. 5c) 50–55 (>85) mm , CY20S 32–53 mm, OA 55–60 mm, CREA (Fig. 5d) displayed poor sporulation but good acid production, conidial heads on CYA dark brown to black, abundantly produced, globose to subglobose at first and later radiate, developing into columns, mycelium white to buff-yellow, velutinous, moderate radial sulcation, exudate clear to brown, sparse to abundant, soluble pigment not seen, occasionally producing buff-yellowish sclerotia (Fig. 5b) subglobose to elongate (200–)400–700(–1100) µm long, reverse brownish-yellow to yellow-brown. On MEA conidial heads are brown, sclerotia absent, mycelium white to yellow, reverse gray to grayish-yellow. Incubation for 7 d on CYA at 5 °C produced no growth or germination of conidia. Incubation for 7 d on CYA at 35 °C and 37 °C produced growth of 40–50 mm and 18–24 mm diam, respectively.
Stipes smooth, hyaline (50–)200–650(–950) × (8–)10–15(–21) µm, vesicles (Fig. 5e–f) globose to subglobose occasionally ellipsoidal (14–)35–65(–105) µm diam, conidial heads uniseriate, phialides (6–)7–9(–11) × 3.5–4.5(–5) µm covering entire vesicle, conidia (Fig. 5g) globose to ellipsoidal, 4–5(–6) × 3.5–5.5 µm, with echinulate surface. No ochratoxin A produced.
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