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Description:Fruitbody. Basidiocarps annual, laterally stipitate, imbricate,
fleshy and with grapefruit odor when fresh, becoming
corky and light in weight upon drying. Pileus fan-shaped, up
to 40 cm diam. when fresh. Pileal surface cinnamon-buff to
clay-buff, bearing a cuticle, glabrous, with more or less radial
stripes, wrinkled when dry; margin sharp. Pore surface white
to cream when fresh, becoming cinnamon-buff to honeyyellow
upon drying; pores angular, 4–6 per mm; dissepiments
thin, lacerate. Context cream to straw-yellow, soft (when
fresh) to tough (when dry), up to 4 mm thick. Tubes less than
1 mm long, decurrent along one side of the stipe, similar to
pore surface in color. Stipe concolorous with the pileal surface,
glabrous, corky, up to 2 cm long, up to 2.5 cm diam.,
bearing a concolorous cuticle on one side of the stipe.
Hyphal structure. Hyphal system dimitic in context and
stipe, monomitic in trama; generative hyphae with clamp
connections; skeleto-binding hyphae frequently branched,
with straight proximal and central parts and tapering ends,
rarely with arboriform branches, IKI–, CB+; tissue unchanged
in KOH.
Context. Generative hyphae infrequent, hyaline, thinwalled,
4–5 μm diam.; skeleto-binding hyphae dominant,
thick-walled with a distinct wide lumen, loosely interwoven,
1.5–7.5 μm diam. Hyphae in cuticle of pileal surface parallel;
generative hyphae thin-walled to slightly thick-walled, sometimes
branched, 2.5–9 μm diam.; skeleto-binding hyphae
thick-walled with a distinct wide lumen, 3–8 μm diam.
Tubes. Generative hyphae hyaline, thin-walled, scarcely
branched, subparallel along tubes, 2.6–4 μm diam. Cystidia
and cystidioles absent; basidia clavate, with a basal clamp and
four sterigmata, 15–17×5.5–6.5 μm; basidioles similar to
basidia, but smaller.
Stipe. Hyphal structure similar to context; skeleto-binding
hyphae dominant, thick-walled with a distinct wide lumen, 1.5–
6 μm diam. Hyphae in cuticle gelatinized, interwoven; generative
hyphae frequent, thin-walled, 2–4 μm diam.; skeletobinding
hyphae dominant, thick-walled, 1.5–6 μm diam.
Spores. Basidiospores cylindrical, hyaline, thin-walled,
smooth, bearing one or two guttules, IKI–, CB–, (5.5–)6.1–
6.9(–7.6)×(2–)2.2–2.4(–2.7) μm, L=6.32 μm, W=2.29 μm,
Q=2.76 (n=30/1).
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