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Remarks (internal):Although our collection contains just one specimen, the perfectly preserved basidiome exactly fits the descriptions cited above. Soto & Wright (2000) have already reported G. rufescens from Buenos Aires province, and this is the first report of the species from La Rioja. 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Geastrum rufescens Pers., Syn. Meth. Fung.: 134 (1801).
Basidiome medium sized, 25 mm wide; exoperidium non-hygroscopic, arched to saccate, splitting from the middle into 8 rays with light margins; mycelial layer encrusted with abundant debris; fibrous layer whitish to pale beige (13D5) only visible in the denuded margins of the rays; pseudoparenchymatous layer becoming brownish in age (14I9); endoperidial body 10 mm wide, globose to depressed globose, light brown (14E6) when dry; stalked, apophysis present, peristome fibrillose, not delimited, neither protruding nor thickened; gleba dark brown (8L6).
Spores globose, 3.5-5.0(-6.0) µm wide, verrucose with long columnar verrucae; capillitial hyphae thick walled.
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