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Remarks (public):Comprising tribes Arrhenieae (Acantholichen, Arrhenia, Cora, Corella, Cyphellostereum, Dictyonema, Eonema), Lichenomphalieae (Lichenomphalia and Semiomphalina) and Cantharelluleae (Cantharellula, Pseudoarmillariella). 
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Description:Basidiomes omphalinoid, pleurotoid, stereoid-corticioid or lentoid-cyphelloid, rarely absent, usually fuscous, green or colorless, rarely orange or yellow; hymenium lamellate, cantharelloid, merulioid or smooth; basidia elongated or not; clamp connections present or absent; L-DOPA and (to date) carotenoid pigments absent; habit primarily bryophilous or phycophilous, often lichenized, rarely parasitic or saprobic. 
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