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 Add this item to the list  Licrostroma Lemke, gen. nov.
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Description:Licrostroma Lemke, gen. nov.
ETYMOLOGY: likroi, the branches on a stag's antlers; stroma, bed, framework.
GENDER: neuter.
MONOTYPE: (Corticium subgiganteum Berk. =) Licrostroma subgiganteum (Berk.) Lemke, comb. nov.
[Michenera Berk. et Curt., Jour. Linn. Soc. Bot. 10: 333. 1868 (nomen anamorphosis).
LECTOTYPE: Michenera artocreas Berk. et Curt. (= imperfect state of Licrostroma subgiganteum (Berk.) Lemke, comb. nov.)]
Fruit body corticioid or effuso-reflexed, forming irregular, confluent colonies up to 15 cm long and 4 cm broad; margins determinate, adnate to reflexed. Fructification up to 1000 µm thick in cross section; texture compact-membraneous. Hymenial surface continuous; cream-colored to alutaceous on drying. Abhymenial surface, when exposed, smooth. Context dimitic. Generative elements mostly subhymenial, simple-septate, walls thin to partially thickened; basal hyphae aseptate, thick-walled to semisolid, with tapering, antler-like branches. These basal, 'Bovista-type' hyphae are scant or abundant, frequently forming a distinct basal stroma and are not dextrinoid in Melzer's. Hymenium composed of hyphal paraphysoids, aseptate or falsely septate pseudocystidia, and basidial elements. Pseudocystidia (macrocystidia) thin to thick-walled elements of deep origin, flexuous-cylindric to subclavate, measuring up to 250 x (8-)12-18(-23) µm, with rounded or tapering apices, not projecting beyond the level of the hymenium. Basidia scattered, large, cylindric, measuring up to 100 x18 µm. Basidiospores large, globoid to subgloboid, measuring up to 19 x 16 µm, apiculate, thick-walled, smooth, non-amyloid in Melzer's.
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