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Remarks (internal):Lecanora strobilina is very similar to L. confusa but distinguished by absence of xanthones and lower hymenium (not exceeding 70 µm).
Reported from Europe, Macaronesia, North America, Asia, and Africa (Smith et al. 2009), L. strobilina is new to South Korea.
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Lecanora strobilina (Spreng.) Kieff., Bull. Soc. Hist. Nat. Metz 19: 72 (1895). Pl. 3a
Thallus greenish gray to yellowish gray, crustose, without soredia, poorly developed or granular-warted with areoles or rimose; areoles convex, 0.1 - 0.2 mm in diameter; Apothecia rounded or slightly irregular in outline, rarely single, mostly densely crowded, 0.30-0.40 mm in diam.; disc yellowish ochre to orange-brown, flat to moderately or rarely strongly convex, dull, finely white pruinose; margin white, pale gray or more rarely of same color as the thallus. Amphithecium present, with an algal layer filled with small granules; epihymenium orange-brown; hymenium hyaline, (35-)40-50 µm tall; subhymenium hyaline. Ascospores hyaline, simple, narrowly ellipsoid, (8.5-)10.6-12.4(-16.5) x (3-)3.3-3.8(-4.5) µm.
Spot tests - thallus: K-, C-, KC-, P-.
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