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Description:Neofomitella Y.C. Dai, Hai J. Li & Vlasák, gen. nov.
MycoBank MB 804799
Differs from Fomitella by its distinctly crusted basidiocarps with the cuticle developing from base to margin and from Microporus by its buff, yellowish brown, brown to pale grey context.
Type species: Polyporus rhodophaeus Lév.
Basidiocarps annual or perennial, pileate, sessile or effused-reflexed. Pileal surface yellowish-brown, brown, orange-brown, reddish-brown, fuscous to almost black, usually concentrically zonate or sulcate, glabrous to velutinate. Context buff, yellowish brown, brown to pale grey, corky to hard corky, with a dark agglutinated crust developing from base to margin. Pore surface usually white, cream to pale buff when fresh, pale brown to yellowish-brown when dry. Hyphal system trimitic with clamped generative hyphae, skeletal and binding hyphae well differentiated, negative in Melzer’s reagent. Cystidia absent. Basidiospores oblong ellipsoid to cylindrical, hyaline, thin-walled, smooth, IKI-, CB-, tissue turn into black in KOH. Growing usually on angiosperm wood and causing a white rot.
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