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Remarks (internal):Farr & Rossman 2011 have reported P. aegopodii from China and Mongolia on Aegopodium alpestre. Our report is an addition to the mycobiota of the Indian subcontinent. 
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Description:Puccinia aegopodii (Schumach.) H. Mart., Prodr. Fl. Mosq., Ed. 2: 226 (1817). Fig. 2
Spermogonia, Aecia and Uredinia not seen. Telia amphigenous, predominantly hypophyllous, minute, rounded, aggregated, surrounded by ruptured epidermis, pulverulent, black. Teliospores ellipsoid or oblong, cinnamon brown to dark brown, not or slightly constricted at septum, rounded at both ends, sometimes attenuated below, (12-)16-22 x (22-)26-35 µm (mean 18.7 x 30.3 µm); wall dark brown to chestnut brown, 1-2(-2.5) µm, germ pores apical, sometimes subapical or near septum in distal cell, adjacent to septum in proximal cell, mostly with hyaline dome-shaped, up to 3 µm high papilla; pedicel hyaline, short, deciduous, 5-6 x 2-9 µm.
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