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Remarks (internal):Puccinia swertiae has been reported on Swertia petiolata and S. speciosa Wall. from Kalam (Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), Sargodha, and Shogran (Kaghan Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) (Ahmad 1956a,b; Jorstad & Iqbal 1967; Ono & Kakishima 1992; Ono 1992). Puccinia swertiae represents a new record for Deosai Plains. 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Puccinia swertiae (Opiz) G. Winter, Rabenh. Krypt.-Fl., Ed. 2, 1(1): 205 (1881) [“1884”]. Fig. 5
Spermogonia and Uredinia not seen. Aecia on abaxial side, cupulate, yellowish, gregarious, 200-300 x 250-450 µm. Peridial cells yellowish brown, rhomboidal to oblong or irregular, 17.7-39 x 22-53 µm (mean 35.3-37.9 µm); wall densely verrucose, 2.8-8.5 µm. Aeciospores obovoid or subglobose, hyaline to brown, 19.6-25.2 x 20.5-27(-36) µm (mean 21.8 x 24.4 µm); wall finely verrucose, 0.5-1.2 µm. Telia abaxial, black, pulverulent, covered by ruptured epidermis, scattered, naked, 100-200 x 200-800 µm. Teliospores obovoid or ellipsoid, rounded at both ends, not or hardly constricted at septum, dark brown to chestnut brown, 25-30.4 x 31-39 µm (mean 27 x 35 µm); wall verrucose, 1.8-3.5(-4) µm; germ pores two, next to septum in both upper and lower cells, rarely apical in upper cell; apex dark brown to chestnut brown, not or slightly thickened, 1.2-2 µm; pedicel short, hyaline, persistent, 4-9.4 x 2.6-8.5 µm.
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