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Remarks (public):Characterized by pileus color variation, dark brown with reddish-orange tones and developing olivaceous tinges after desiccation, basidiomes with compact consistence, broad, adnate lamellae which commonly become detached from the stipe, subreticulate basidiospores, fusoid cystidia and pileipellis epithelioid with terminal elements clavate, sphaeropendiculate or somewhat narrowly utriform. It grows in ectomycorrhizal association with Alnus acuminata subsp. arguta in Mexico 
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Description:Pileus 6–27 mm diam., stipe 3–26 × 1–2.5 mm, lamellae 1–4 mm broad. Pileus convex, papillate, dark brown with reddish orange tones, developing olivaceous tinges after desiccation. Lamellae close to subdistant, adnate, attached to the stipe but frequently becoming detached and leaving remnants on the stipe apex, 1–4 mm broad, ventricose, pinkish-salmon, pale flesh orange. Latex aqueous to whitish. Basidiospores 7–10 × 6.5–8μm, subreticulate to almost completely reticulate. Pleuro- and cheilocystidia present, fusoid. Pileipellis an epithelium with terminal elements clavate, sphaeropendiculate or somewhat narrowly utriform. 
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