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Description:Pileus up to 20 mm in diam., convex to flat-convex, depressed in the center in fully mature specimens, hygrophanous, not translucently striate; surface felt-like, fibrillose-squamulose with age, more evident at the central disc; dark grayish-brown, specially from the margin to the half of the radius, showing pale brownish tones in the central disc, turning paler, grayish-white, when dry; margin straight. Lamellae decurrent or adnate with a small decurrent tooth, distant, somewhat thick, with very subtle veins on either side; brownish, darkening and with a salmon tone with maduration; lamellulae abundant. Stipe central, up to 20 × 3 mm, cylindrical, straight, fistulose; of the same colour as the lamellae; smooth surface, base not differentiated. Flesh thin, brownish; smell not defined, taste not tested. Spores isodiametrical, (8.5)–9.3–11.2–(12.5) × (8)–8.7–10.6–(12) µm, Xm= 10.2 × 9.6 µm, Q= 1–1.17, Qm= 1.06, with an almost rounded perimeter and 6-8 weak angles. Basidia mono-, bi- or tetrasporic, subclaviform to claviform, up to 40 × 15 µm (without sterigmata), with thickened walls (sclerobasidia), clampless. Cheilocystidia (lamella edge heterogeneous) polymorphic, sublageniform or lageniform, cylindrical, claviform, occasionally ovoid, up to 47 × 6 (apex)–15 (base) μm, not septated. Pileipellis a cutis structure composed of cylindrical to subclaviform hyphae, up to 8 μm in diam., with terminal cells widened, up to 18 μm in diam.; the pileipellis becomes a trichodermis at the center of the pileus; incrustant epiparietal pigment abundant, brownish. Clamp-connections not observed 
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