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Description:Basidiomata robust, fleshy, -16 × 14 cm, repeatedly branched, coralloid. Stipe portion massive, from discrete to 2-3 large conjunct stipes, fleshy, rounded, with minimum external mycelium, superficially white-pruinose where undisturbed, extensively “Mikado brown” (7C6) where rubbed; flesh off-white, solid, moist (not slippery), very finely marbled, very slowly becoming tan where sliced; abortive branchlets in small, vertical clusters, easily brown. Lower branches “light ochraceous buff” (5A4), upward “capucine orange” (5A6) to “Mikado orange” (6A6), in age “ochraceous salmon” (6A6) to “light ochraceous salmon” (6A4); internodes diminishing gradually; branch apices (ultimate 3-4 mm) rounded, ultimately dentate, “Grenadine red” (8A8), becoming concolorous to “capucine yellow” (5A8). Odor none. Taste none. 5% aqueous FeSO4 on stipe flesh = no color change. Surface of lower stipe covered with felty white tomentum; tomentum hyphae 3-4 μm diam, clampless, firm- to thick-walled (wall -0.5 μm thick), hyaline; acanthodendroid hyphae common, refringent (PhC), strongly cyanophilous, 3-4 μm diam, thick-walled (wall -0.7 μm thick), appearing thorny. Hyphal construction of stipe medulla monomitic (with gloeoplerous hyphae), liberating significant debris in squash mounts; hyphae 4-14 μm diam, firm- to thick-waled (wall -0.5 μm thick), hyaline, clampless; ampulliform septa 7-17 μm diam, ampulliform to subspherical, thick-walled (wall -1 μm thick), delicately ornamented; gloeoplerous system represented by short lengths of cyanophilous hyphae with occasionally swellings. Hyphae of upper branch trama strictly parallel, tightly packed, thin-walled, clampless; cells filamentous to keg-shaped; occasionally slender (3-4 μm diam), non-refringent hyphae meandering through trama. Gloeoplerous system represent by occasional short lengths of strongly cyanophilous hyphae without septa. Basidia 45-57 × 11-13 μm, clavate (not significantly bulbous), clampless, 4-sterigmate; contents multiguttulate (guttules refringent, appearently scattered throughout; PhC). Basidioles filamentous, digitate, uninformative. Basidiospores 12-14.5 × 4.5-5.5(-6) μm, ellipsoid, distinctly roughened in profile but ornamentation indistinct (PhC); contents heterogeneous with one or more non-refringent vacuoles (vacuoles amorphous, appearing empty on slightly darker background; PhC); ornamentation moderately cyanophilous, of narrow, axially oriented, meandering low ridges, appearing scattered, small and low in profile 
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