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Description:Stromata appearing glomerate with perithecial contours strongly exposed, 1,8-4 mm diam × 0,9-1,1 mm thick, developing on aborted primordia of Hypoxylon fragiforme (Pers.: Fr.) J. Kickx f.; the base of the stromata is seated on the surface of hemispherical primordia that can be seen in vertical section as an orange brown layer; first a Fulvous pruina, composed of incrusted hyphae and greenish yellow granules spreads over primordia and around their base, from which the perithecial contours later emerge; surface pruinose, with fulvous coating rapidly worn off revealing a shiny black subsurface but remaining between perithecial contours; subsurface slightly carbonaceous, with a thin layer of waxy granules that appear Greyish Yellow-green in water, yielding Cinnamon pigments in 10% KOH turning Fulvous with a faint Vinaceous tinge after 30 mn of incubation; the tissue below the perithecial layer blackish brown, woody, homogeneous, 0.25-0.4 mm thick. Perithecia subglobose to obovoid, 0,6-0,8 mm high × 0,5 mm diam. Ostioles umbilicate, typically surrounded by a dull orange brown slightly raised disc 120-150 µm diam. Asci cylindrical, with eight obliquely uniseriate ascospores, 125-220 µm total length, the spore-bearing parts 74-83 µm long × 7-8 µm broad, the stipes 47-143 µm long, originating from long ascogenous hyphae in spicate arrangement, with apical apparatus discoid to wedge-shaped, 1-1,5 µm high × 2,5 µm broad, bluing in Melzer’s reagent. Paraphyses copious, filiform, 1-1,5µm diam, with scattered small refractive guttules. Ascospores (9,6) 10,3 - 12,0 (14,3) × (4,4) 4,7 - 5,8 (6,3) µm, Q = (1,8) 1,9 - 2,3 (2,6); N = 60 (Me = 11,2 × 5,3 µm; Qe = 2,1), ellipsoid-inequilateral with narrowly rounded ends, brown to dark brown, with a narrow and inconspicuous straight germ slit spore-length on the convex side; perispore dehiscent in KOH, smooth by L. M.; epispore smooth. 
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