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Remarks (public):Diagnosis: Macroscopically fairly similar to small fruiting bodies of Hygrophorus agathosmus, H. hyacinthinus and H. odoratus. Odour of marzipan like in H. agathosmus.

Typus: FINLAND. Koillismaa. Kuusamo, Oulanka National Park, Ampumavaara. In moist Picea abies dominated mixed forest, growing among fruiting bodies of Tricholoma inamoenum, 18.VIII.2009 F. Calledda, E. Pini, G. Boerio & M. Carbone (holotype – TUR-A 190791 – holotypus; GB – isotypus, GenBank Acc. No. KJ720198).

Etymology: exiguus refers to the small habitus of the fruiting bodies.

Additional specimens studied: ITALY. Lombardia. Schilpario (BG), 1200 m a.s.l., in mossy mixed Picea abies and Abies alba forest, growing among fruiting bodies of Tricholoma inamoenum, 6.VIII.2011 M. Mantovani & F. Calledda (GB, TUR-A, GenBank Acc. No. KJ720200). SWEDEN. Västerbotten. Vindeln, Kluddbrännan. In old growth forest with Picea abies, Pinus sylvestris, and Betula pendula, in deep in mosses with Vaccinium sp., 26.VIII.2011 N. Dam 11054 (L, GB, GenBank Acc. No. KJ720199).
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Description:Pileus 8 ̶ 20(̶ 25) mm in diameter, campanulate to convex, usually with a broad and blunt umbo, margin long remaining incurved, becoming more plane with a low obtuse umbo, pale grey to grey with a beige tone, viscid, context white. Margin finely fibrillose to pubescent, somewhat plicate when unexpanded. Lamellae adnate to decurrent, L= 25 ̶ 38, distant, broad, a few furcate, first snow white, later with a pale cream to pinkish tint. Stipe 20–40(̶ 50) mm long, 3–4(̶ 6) mm thick, equal, white, dry, glabrous at lower parts, upper half fibrillose and with small warts. Taste none, odour faintly of marzipan, similar to H. agathosmus.
Spores ovoid to broadly ellipsoid, smooth, hyaline, 9.2–10.0–11.4 × 5.3–5.9–6.8 µm, mean Q= 1.7 (n=90). Basidia 44–53–68 × 7.3–8.4–10.3 µm, narrowly clavate with sterigmata up to 8 µm, mainly 4-spored, few 2-spored. Clamp-connections present. Gill trama divergent, consisting of interwoven inflated parallel hyphae 8–20 μm broad. Pileipellis gelatinous, with tangled narrow hyphae 2–5 μm, an ixotrichoderm 150–200 μm, epi-membranaceous yellow pigment is present. Stipitipellis a thin cutis made up of more or less parallel hyphae 3–6 μm broad, fibrils made up of erect hyphae with large clamp connections and slightly enlarged terminals, club-shaped up to 8–10 μm broad, sometimes bending.
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