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Description:Ascomata scattered over the hymenophore surface of the host basidiomata, arising singly, calicioid, black, somewhat glossy, mainly 150—200 µm tall. Stipe 35—50 µm thick below the capitulum, composed of compacted brownish hyphae forming a dense intertwined irregularly periclinally orientated textura intricata, becoming paler towards the base, hyphae smooth-walled, somewhat torulose, uneven in thickness, 2—2.5 µm wide, ± homogeneous in structure; KOH negative. Capitulum expanding abruptly from the stipe, hemispherical, surface convex, ± smooth, not forming a mazaedium, 195—210 µm diam. Hypothecium dark brown, formed by a continuation of the stipal hyphae expanding radially and periclinally, textura intricata, ca. 50 µm in height. Exciple dark brown, 4—7.5 µm thick, 2—3 cells thick, composed of short-torulose hyphae to somewhat irregularly angular isodiametrical cells, individually mainly 3.5—4.5 µm diam. Hymenium hyaline, but appearing brownish from the ascospores, 65—75(—80) µm tall. Epithecium continuous, persistent, brown, 4.5—6.5 µm thick, formed of adhering almost pseudoparenchymatous cells, individually 3—4.5 µm diam, with somewhat unevenly thickened walls, formed from terminal branches of interascal filaments. Asci persistent, narrowly cylindrical, unitunicate in structure, 45—52 x 2.5—3.5(—3.5) µm, 8-spored. Ascospores uniseriately arranged in the ascus, narrowly ellipsoid, pale brown, 1-transseptate, the septum slightly darker brown, appearing smooth, but with some spiral verruculose ornamentation evident at the highest magnifications (over x 1000), 4.5—6(—7) x (1.5—)2—2.5(—3) µm. 
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