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Description:Spermogonia and aecia in groups on leaf spots. Spermogonia subepidermal, subglobose, of group V, type 4. Aecia of Aecidium-type (Cummins and Hiratsuka 2003), cup shaped; aeciospores polyhedral to globose, wall thin, colorless to pale yellow, ornamentation coarsely verrucose, equatorially with flat warts, with refractive granules; peridial cells in plan view ovoid, wall ornamentations of inner sides densely verruculose, of outer side verrucose. Uredinia unknown. Telia and teliospores similar to those of the genus Sphenospora Dietel but without a oily gelatinous matrix; teliospores pedicellate, two-celled by vertical septa with one apical germ-pore per cell as in Sphenospora but with apical wall thickenings around germ-pores; germination without dormancy, suddenly by external basidia. Host plants dicotyledonous not monocotyledonous as in Sphenospora. Etymology: A composition of Sphenospora and Diorchidium. Typespecie of the genus: Sphenorchidium xylopiae (J.M. Yen & Sulmont) Beenken 
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