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Description:Palaeoclavariaceae Poinar & A. E. Brown, fam. nov.
Sporocarp: Small, simple, globose at early stage to turbinate-clavate-spathulate later, base cylindrical. Hymenium: May be absent on entire sporocarp, covering the entire sporocarp or demonstrate various degrees between the above, e.g. only on sides or head of sporocarp. Hyphae: Dimitic with both thin and sclerified generative hyphae associated with sporocarps, the former with collapsed walls, not inflating, undetectable clamps ; the latter with crosswalls and clamps. Cystidia : Thin-walled cystidia present; most smooth and hyaline, ranging from orbicular to obelliptic to clavate; some with resinous exudations at the apex; others elongate, crystalline, associated with basidia. Basidia: Small, narrowly clavate, embedded, sterigmata short, slightly curved to straight. Spores: Light in reflected light, dark in transmitted light, ovate to triangular-shaped.
Type genus: Palaeoclavaria Poinar & A. E. Brown 2003.
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