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Description:Basidiomata stipitate-pileate with tubular hymenophore. Pileus hemispherical, convex or applanate, subtomentosus, dry, strongly wrinkled (especially when young), usually with incurved or extended margin; context whitish, yellowish to yellow, unchanging or staining bluish slowly when bruised. Hymenophore adnexed; hymenophoral surface yellowish, yellow, or brown, reddish brown to yellowish brown, unchanging or staining blue to dark blue quickly when bruised; pores round to roundish; tubes grayish-yellowish, brownish yellow, unchanging or staining blue, dark blue to greenish blue quickly when bruised, adnate. Stipe central, yellowish to yellow, covered by minute squamules; context cream to yellowish, unchanging or staining bluish slowly when bruised; basal mycelia off-white to yellowish. Pileipellis an ixotrichodermium to an intricate ixotrichodermium. Pleuro- and cheilocystidia subfusiform-ventricose. Basidiospores smooth, subfusiform, brownish yellow. Clamp connections absent. 
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