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Description:Thallus saxicolous, continuous, clearly defined, whitish to pale brown, dirty brown on older parts, surface smooth to rugose, weakly shiny, without vegetative propagules, corticate, up to 0.3 mm thick, and 10 cm diameter; cortex paraplectenchymatous, 6–10 µm thick, algal layer 7–18 µm thick, medulla white, 150–280 µm thick; prothallus smooth, whitish, 1.2–2.0 mm wide. Apothecia biatorine, sessile, rounded, up to 1.2 mm diam., disc plane to slightly convex, brownish to reddish brown with whitish pruina (K–, C–, KC–, UV–), margin distinct, thin, whitish to pale grey. Excipulum colorless, paraplectenchymatous, 90–155 µm thick; epithecium brownish, 10–20 µm thick; hymenium colorless, 120–230 µm thick, I+ dark blue; hypothecium prosoplectenchymatous, brownish to dark brown, 35–70 µm thick, K–; paraphyses sparsely branched, ca. 1 μm thick. Asci 95–165 × 25–40 μm, (1–)2–3(–4)-spored; ascospores muriform, hyaline, with halo in fresh specimens (up to 3 μm thick), (63–)72–112(–128) × 10–18 µm, I–. Campylidia sessile, hood-shaped, pale to dark gray, up to 1.0 mm high, up to 0.8 mm wide, pruinose on back side when young, discrete base; conidia filiform, curved with a single smooth clavate apex, 4–7 septate, hyaline, (35–)45–55(–60) × 2–3.5 µm. Chemistry. [Cortex and medulla] K–, C–, KC–, UV–. No substances detected by microcrystalization and TLC. 
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