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Remarks (internal):Phylica is a genus of about 150 species of which 134 occur in the Cape Floristic Kingdom, the vast majority of them endemic to the region (Linder 2003). The only rust fungus described from a member of this genus is Uredo phylicae Vienn.-Bourg. from the island of New Amsterdam. According to the description given by Viennot-Bourgin (1970) it differs from the present species in much broader urediniospores (25-31.5 x 24-29 µm, mean 28 x 26 µm) that are closely verruculose and have 5-7 germ pores. The affiliation of U. fynbosense with a telial genus is unknown but its general appearance indicates that it may be a member of Phakopsoraceae. Known Phakopsora species on Rhamnaceae are Ph. colubrinae Viégas and Ph. zizyphivulgaris Dietel, the latter with peridiate and paraphysate uredinia (Yen 1975), the former with unbounded uredinia and urediniospores similar to the present species (Viégas 1960). 
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Description:Uredo fynbosense R. Berndt, sp. nov. Figure 6.
Spermogonia, aecia and telia not present. Uredinia singly or sparsely scattered on abaxial side of leaves, hidden under the woolly indument, subepidermal, tiny, pallid cinnamon brown, pulverulent, without clearly differentiated binding structures though a few thin-walled, hyaline, cylindrical paraphysis-like hyphae are sometimes present which do not appear to represent spore pedicels; urediniospores mostly obovoid, more rarely ellipsoid to broadly ellipsoid, subclavate, 19-28(31) x 14-18 µm (mean 23.5 x 16.1 µm), spore wall pallid golden yellow, ca. 1 µm thick, not or hardly thickened at apex, more or less evenly and rather finely echinulate with spines ca. 1.5-2.5 µm apart, somewhat more closely and less delicately echinulate towards the hilum, germ pores obscure, probably 2-3(4?), approximately equatorial.
On leaves of Phylica spp.
Holotype (PREM 60149): South Africa, Western Cape Prov., Vanrhynsdorp, ascent to Gifberg, 31°46′31.1″S, 18° 45′51.7″E, ca. 660 m a.s.l, on Phylica cf. oleifolia Vent., 12 Oct 2005, leg. A. Rössel, E. Uhlmann and R. Berndt (RSA 183, II). Isotype Z+ZT (ZT Myc 1270).
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