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Description:Basidioma stipitate-pileate with tubular hymenophore, small. Pileus convex to applanate, subtomentose, dry; context yellowish to yellow, staining blue immediately when injured. Hymenophore subdecurrent, often with teeth on the apex of stipe; hymenophoral surface yellowish to yellow, staining blue immediately when injured; pores irregular, angular to nearly round, often compound; tubes concolorous with hymenophoral surface, staining blue immediately when injured. Stipe central, light brown, brownish red to reddish brown, surface often pruinose; basal mycelia cream to grayish yellowish. Pileipellis an epithelium composed of submoniliform to moniliform hyphae with cystidioid terminal cells. Pleuro- and cheilocystidia subfusiform-ventricose or clavate, with subacute apex or with long beak. Basidiospores smooth, ovoid to ellipsoid, yellowish to brownish yellow. Clamp connections absent. 
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