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Remarks (public):The combination of absence of veil and presence of thick-walled cystidia with crystals is unique in Psathyrellaceae. Agaricus subgenus Homophron Britzelm., Ber naturhist Ver Augsburg 27:174, 1883 ≡ Homophron (Britzelm.) W. B. Cooke, Gen Homobas 45:100, 1953, (nom. inval., no basionym cited) – Type: Agaricus spadiceus Schaeff., Fung. Bavariae 4:27, 1774, selected by Singer, Lilloa 22:468, 1951 ≡ Psilocybe spadicea P. Kumm., Führ Pilzk (Zerbst):71, 1871 
Description type:Original description 
Description:Basidiomata small to large, fragile to rather rigid, non-deliquescent, lignicolous. Pileus brown, striate, hygrophanous. Lamellae close to crowded. Stem central. Veil absent. Spores small to medium sized, moderately pigmented to hyaline, with indistinct to absent germ pore. Basidia 4-spored. Pleurocystidia often thick-walled and with crystals or incrustations at apex. Pileipellis a hymeniderm or transition to a paraderm. Clamps present. 
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