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Description:Rhizocybe vermicularis (Fr.) Vizzini, G. Moreno, P. Alvarado & Consiglio, comb. nov. Fig. 2
MycoBank MB808521.
≡ Agaricus vermicularis Fr. Epicr. syst. mycol.: 72. 1838.
≡ Clitocybe vermicularis (Fr.) Quél., Mém. Soc. Émul. Montbéliard 5:235. 1872.
≡ Omphalia vermicularis (Fr.) Quél., Enchiridion Fungorum in Europa media et praesertim in Gallia Vigentium: 23. 1886.
= Collybia rhizophora Velen. České Houby 2:335. 1920.
Habit, habitat and known distribution: Basidiomes can be found growing isolated or in small groups, associated mainly with conifer forests. In the present work all samples were found associate with Pinus spp. Known from the northern hemisphere (Europe and North America). In Mediterranean Europe it occurs in alpine forests. In the present work it was found in spring (Mar–May), but some authors (Bigelow 1960) report it also in summer (Jun–Jul).
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