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 Add this item to the list   Fomes ohiensis (Berk.) Murr.
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Description type:Culture description 
Description:Fomes ohiensis (Berk.) Murr.
Cultural characters: (PI. III, Fig. 9; Pl. IV, Fig. 34).
Growth characters- Growth very slow, radius 4.6-5.8 cm. in six weeks. Advancing zone even, hyaline, appressed. Mat white, very thin, appressed, zonate, farinaceous with "dots" of more compact mycelium, forming a tough film on surface of agar. Reverse unchanged. Odor yeasty. On gallic and tannic acid agars diffusion zones moderately strong to strong, no growth on gallic acid agar, trace on tannic acid agar.
Hyphal characters. Advancing zone: hyphae hyaline, nodose-septate, frequently branched, 2.2-3.0(-4.5) µm diameter. Hyphae at surface and within agar all like those of advancing zone.
Type of rot: white rot of broad-leaved trees.
Descriptions of cultural characters: Campbell (42), Davidson, Campbell, and Blaisdell (64).
This description of Fomes ohiensis is based on the only culture of the species available, but it agrees closely with the description given by Campbell (42), and so has been included. In the key, F. ohiensis coincides with only one other species, Stereum Murrai, their slow rate of growth separating them from all other species with similar characters. Macroscopically, cultures of Fomes ohiensis and Stereum Murrain are very different, the former being appressed, farinaceous, with dots of more compact mycelium, the latter being slightly raised, furry or. velvety, all compactly arranged and opaque.

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