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Description:Colonies on PDA powdery, velvety to floccose with abundant dense aerial mycelium, orange white, pale orange, greyish orange, brownish orange in colour. Pigment on reverse side brown, brownish-orange, reddish-orange, greyish-orange, yellowish-brown. Sporodochia pale orange to orange white forming on carnation leaf pieces in CLA and on agar surface. Macroconidia long, slender, slightly curved, parallel dorso-ventral sides, hooked apical cells, distinctly notched basal cells, 3 to 5 septate, mostly 3 septate, 23-66 µm ( = 40 µm) long × 3-11 µm ( = 5 µm) wide. Microconidia produced on monophialides and polyphialides proliferating sympodially creating a zig-zag or spiral appearance. Microconidia straight or curved, oval 0-3 septate, mainly 1 septate, 10-31µm ( = 17 µm) long × 3-5 µm ( = 4 µm) wide. Chlamydospores produced sporadically in most cultures after 2 weeks in the dark at 23oC on CLA, hyaline, smooth walled, formed in chains, terminal and intercalary, globose, subglobose, cylindrical to subcylindrical, 3-18 µm ( = 8 µm) long × 4-10 µm ( = 7 µm) wide. 
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