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Remarks (public):The yellow coloration, ridged hymenium, lack of lilac-purple color, and the phylogenetic position place this species in Subgenus Cantharellus, Section Cantharellus as defined by Buyck et al. (2014). 
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Description:Pileus yellow, margin when immature often greenish yellow; surface dry, glabrous to squamulose when mature. Hymenium orange yellow, decurrent; ridges with regular to interconnected forking. Stipe yellow. Staining brownish orange. Context of pileus and stipe white, solid. Odor and flavor mild. Spore print pale yellow. Basidiospores 6–9 × 4–5.5 μm. Molecular sequence data from ITS2 and EF1a distinguish this species from other Cantharellus species. 
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