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Remarks (public):Faster-growing cultures that fruit and all slow-growing cultures of Fomes scutellatus have key patterns that fall alone in the key, but cultures that cover the plates in three to four weeks and fail to fruit have a key pattern that coincides with those for Collybia radicata and Daedalea confragosa. Under each of these species mention is made of distinguishing characters, of which the preference of Fomes scutellatus for Alnus spp. is most helpful.
Description type:Culture description 
Description:Fomes scutellatus (Schw.) Cooke
Cultural characters: (PI. III, Fig. 14; Pl. IV, Figs. 50 to 52).
Growth characters. Growth moderately rapid to slow, plates covered in three to six weeks. Advancing zone even, hyaline appressed or with slightly raised aerial mycelium to limit of growth. Mat white at first, becoming "cream-buff" (3.0Y8.3/4.5) to "cinnamon brown" (5.0YR3.0/3.0) in isolated areas after three to four weeks, the first growth over the inoculum cottony to woolly, appressed over agar, becoming slightly raised, floccose to cottony-woolly, lacunose, forming a tough, coherent mat even where thin, after three to four weeks with scattered loose-cottony to compact-felty balls of mycelium, some of which develop granular fruiting surfaces after five to six weeks. Reverse unchanged. Odor of almonds. On gallic and tannic acid agars diffusion zones weak to moderately strong, no growth on gallic acid agar, no growth or only a trace on tannic acid agar.
Hyphal characters. Advancing zone: hyphae hyaline with conspicuous clamp connections, frequently branched at and between septa, 1.5-6.0 µm diameter. Aerial mycelium: (a) hyphae as in advancing zone, becoming greenish-yellow in colored areas; (b) fiber hyphae abundant, thick-walled with narrow lumina, apparently aseptate, frequently branched, the branch forming a right angle with the parent hypha, curving and firmly interwoven, 1.5-3.0 µm diameter; (c) basidiospores (from spore deposit) cylindric, 7.5-8.0 x 2.2-3 À¬m. Submerged mycelium: hyphae hyaline, thin-walled nodose-septate, with many short irregular branches and projections, 2.2-4.5 µm diameter; (c) crystals numerous, needlelike.
Type of rot: white rot of broad-leaved trees, usually Alnus spp.
Descriptions of cultural characters: Badcock (3), Campbell (42), Davidson, Campbell, and Blaisdell (64).
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