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Description:Pileus 0.8–2 cm in diameter, light brown (6D5) to yellowish white (4A2), brown (7E5) at aged, eye grey (23D2) to dark blue (23F5) when brusied, hygrophanous, campanulate, often with an acute papilla, with striate and a little incurve to straight margin, surface glabrous and a little fibrous, context sturdy, greyish orange (5B3) to yellowish white (4A2). Stipe 4–6 cm × 1–2 mm, orange white (5A2) to birch bark grey (6B2), eye grey (23D2) to dark blue (23F5) when bruised, cylindrical, centric, surface smooth, glabrous and a little fibrous, context sturdy, golden blonde (5C4) to orange white (5A2), hollow at top but filled with white fibrous pith under position comparable to annulus. Annulus absent, but partial veil often leaving appressed, fragile, greyish brown (11F4) to black fibrils at nearly the middle of the stipe. Volva not seen. Lamella violet brown (11F6), brownish grey (11D2) when younger, closely aggregate and thin, with one or three short lamellulae between two lamellae, with smooth margin, narrowly adnate. Spore print not studied. Basidiospores 7.6–10.2 (–11.5) × 5.8–8.1 × 4.7–7.1 µm, average 9.3 × 6.8 × 5.8 µm, Q front = 1.08–1.64 (–1.77), average Q front = 1.37, Qm front = 1.33–1.41, average Qm front = 1.37, Q side = 1.27–1.94 (–2.04), average Q side = 1.61, Qm side = 1.51–1.63 (–1.81), average Qm side = 1.62 (104, 5), reddish grey (12C2), greyish orange (6B4) to cinnamon brown (6D6) in Meltzer’s reagent, subrhomboid at front, ellipsoidal to oval at side, smooth, thick-walled, sometimes with vacuoles, with an eccentric big germ pore which seems centric in the front view. Basidia 20.9–27.2 (–32.2) × 6.1–10.4 µm (19, 4), 4-spored, broadly fusiform to broadly clavate. Pleurocystidia not seen. Cheilocystidia leptocystidia, 16.4–26.3 (–29.2) µm in length, (1.6–) 1.8–3.0 (–3.6) µm wide at apex, (3.6–) 4.5–7.1 µm wide at base (37, 4), fusiform to lageniform, sometimes bifurcate, hyaline, clustered, abundant on gill edges. Pileipellis gelatinized hyphae not seen. Hypodermium consisting of inflated, filamentous hyphae, 6.3–17.0 µm in diameter. Caulocystidia not seen. Stipitipellis consisting of short-segmented, inflated, filamentous, rather thick-walled, parallel hyphae, 9.3–22.3 µm in diameter. Clamp connection present. 
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