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Description type:Original description 
Description:Basidiomata. When fresh gelatinous, vinaceous brown, solitary or caespitose, sessile or substipitate, cupulate to auriculate, sometimes with a lobed margin, projecting up to 8 cm broad, 1–3 mm thick, 0.2–0.36 mm thick when dry; upper surface pilose, sometimes with few folds, becoming greyish brown upon drying; hymenophore surface usually smooth without folds, becoming vinaceous grey to fuscous upon drying. Internal features. Medulla absent; abhymenial hairs, irregular, hyaline, thick-walled, with a narrow separated lumen or subsolid, apical tips acute or obtuse, single or tufted, 80–140 × 5–6 µm; hyphae bearing clamp connections; basidia clavate, transversely 3-septate, guttulate, sterigmata rarely observed, 47–63 × 3.5–5 µm. Spores. Basidiospores allantoid, hyaline, thin-walled, smooth, usually guttulate containing one or two large guttules, IKI–, CB–, (12.5–)13–15 × (4.5–)4.8–5.5(–6) µm, L = 13.72 µm, W = 4.97 µm, Q = 2.75–2.86 (n = 40/2). 
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