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Description:Basidiomata 5–7 cm in height. Pileus 3–8 (–12) cm in width, fleshy, pulvinate to plano-convex when young, becoming depressed or funnel-shaped to broadly trumpet-shaped, irregular; surface egg-yellow or pale yellow in drier weather conditions to bright- to orange-yellow in wet conditions, glabrous, smooth but cottony-felty under hand lens; margin incurved at first soon uplifted with undulations and becoming irregularly lobed or wavy; slowly become brown or reddish brown from drying or damage within hours or within a day; flesh 1-2 mm in width at the margin and 9-17 mm in width at the center, firm, yellowish at the surface layer until 2-3 mm depth, white in the inner depths. Hymenium with ridges to 1-2 mm in height, close and narrow, decurrent, variously forked or anastomosed, pale yellow, beige or rather white. Stipe 2.5–3.5 cm in height and 7–12 mm in width, central, equal or thickened at the base, white or beige or pale yellow, solid, rhizomorphs present at the base; flesh white. Gregarious or solitary. Basidiospore color cream. 
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