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Description:ECHINOCHAETE Reid
Kew Bull. 17:283, 1963
Fruitbody annual, flabelliform to spathulate with a short stipe-like base, pileus velutinate especially near the attachment, more smooth when old, whitish-pink when fresh, reddish to brown when dry, pores angular to hexagonal, small to large, hyphal system dimitic, generative hyphae hyaline, thin-walled and clamped, binding hyphae thick-walled golden to rusty-brown, context hyphae strongly dextrinoid, spinulose setoid elements present on the pilear surface, in the hymenium or on the edges of the dissepiments. Spores cylindrical to ellipsoid, hyaline, smooth and thin-walled. On deciduous wood.
Type species: Polyporus megaloporus Mont.
REMARKS: The genus is characteristic with the setoid elements on the pilear surface, in the hymenium or in the pore mouths, and the strongly dextrinoid hyphae in the context. There are very small differences between the hyphal structure and spores size of the species in the genera, they are mainly separated by macroscopic differences and shape of the setoid elements.
Special literature: Reid, D. op. cit. and Reid, D. in Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 28:187-189, 1976.
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