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Description:FLAVODON Ryv.
Norw. J. Bot. 20:3, 1973.
Fruitbody annual, resupinate to pileate, reddish to brown with KOH, pileus adpressed tomentose, yellowish to ochraceous-grey, hymenophore first poroid, then hydnoid to irpicoid, context bright sulphurous yellow, hyphal system dimitic, generative hyphae with simple septa, skeletal hyphae thick-walled and partly bent into the hymenium as smooth or encrusted cystidia, spores broadly ellipsoid, smooth, hyaline and non-amyloid. On deciduous wood, Monotypic genus.
Type species: Flavodon flavus (Jungh.) Ryv.
REMARKS. The genus is related to Irpex s. str., typified by I. lacteus Fr. which generally has the same type of hyphae and cystidia. Flavodon is separated by its yellowish colour and the reddish reaction with KOH. It must be regarded as a tropical counterpart to the temperate-boreal genus Irpex s. str.
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