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Remarks (public):The genus is close to Trametes as defined here, with its trimitic hyphal system and more or less cylindrical spores. There are two characters separating the genera, firstly, the hymenophore, which in the type species is distinctly lamellate. However, in some tropical representatives it may vary from true poroid to lamellate or daedaleoid within the same fruitbody, and in L. steroides even hydnoid. In Trametes the hymenophore is always poroid. Secondly, and this is the more important character, the tramal binding hyphae of Lenzites are branched with swordlike, straight sidebranches, more or less parallel, pointing towards and partly into the hymenium. In the upper part they remind of a candelabra and in a collapsed hymenium they look like projecting, thick-walled cystidia. Such candelabrashaped, tramal binding hyphae seem to be distinctive for Lenzites. The two characters mentioned above seem to justify the genus even if its relationship towards Trametes is clearly acknowledged. 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:LENZITES Fr.
Fl. Scan.p. 339, 1835.
Fruitbody annual, pileate to almost resupinate in some tropical representatives, pileus smooth to hirsute, often in distinct zones, white to greyish with age, hymenophore lamellate to daedaleoid or even lamellate and poroid in the same fruitbody, pore surface white to yellowish, context white to yellowish, tough and moderately thick. Hyphal system trimitic, generative hyphae thin-walled, hyaline and clamped, binding hyphae hyaline, strongly branched and tortuous, in the trama below the hymenium they have long, swordlike sidebranches more or less parallel and pointing towards, and in parts into, the hymenium, but never above it. These slightly tapering and thick-walled branches may easily be mistaken for true hymenial cystidia (and act like such) unless a careful examination is undertaken to ascertain their true nature, skeletal hyphae hyaline, thickwalled to solid, spores cylindrical, smooth, thin-walled, hyaline and non-amyloid. On dead wood of deciduous wood. Cosmopolitan genus.
Type species: Lenzites betulina (Fr.) Fr.
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