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Description:Thallus microsquamulose; squamules broad to elongated, basally attached to the substrate, swollen, 0.1–1 mm × 0.1–0.5 mm, moderately to abundantly branched, dark blue when fresh but becoming dark bluish grey when dry. Overall uniform pruinose appearance. Soredia absent. Thallus in cross section 110–130 µm thick, dominated by a thick photobiont layer, and with a thin cortex and medulla. Photobiont Rhizonema, clusters of densely coiled cyanobacterial filaments wrapped within a hyphal sheath formed by jigsaw puzzle-shaped cells (Cora-type). Acanthohyphidia highly variable in size, small, medium or large, 10–50 × 8–10 (–12) µm, subglobose, pyriform to subclavate when short and elongate to clavate when large. 
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